Now that Moss is back, I propose that we trade the Timberwolves to Los Angeles, in exchange for the Minneapolis Lakers. They can keep Kobe Bryant. L.A. can rename the Timberwolves the Hollywood Hills or something (Heidi Montag could be their mascot). Then we can bring KG back to 'Sota, and maybe even reunite Shaq O'Neal with the Lakers franchise (he might be past his prime, but he's still one of the best personalities in the NBA).

One of the best parts will be that the Lakers and Vikings will match! Moss could probably play for the Lakers, after he retires from the Vikings. Even if he ends up being just a role player on the court, the fans will go wild. And, as hardcore Moss enthusiasts already know, Moss was actually a pretty devastating b-ball player in his high school days. In fact, some Moss scholars actually believe that Moss' best sport in high school was baseball! But that's a story for another day...

If these fantastical events occur, the only thing MN sports will need to achieve maximum awesomeness is this:

Have a magical day, and a critically acclaimed tomorrow!