Escape From New Jersey: Moss' First Game Back!

It's really happening.

The Ultimate Vikings will take the field in prime time tonight, complete with the best wide receiver in NFL history. I'll be at Joe Senser's in Bloomington to watch the first episode of Moss To The Future 2. I can't wait for the first deep pass from no. 4 to no. 84. The crowd at Senser's will go absolutely bananas. The Vikings will instantly jump 10 spots in the ESPN NFL Power Rankings. Moss and Favre will be on the cover of next week's Sports Illustrated (hold the jinx, please). Every other team in the league will collectively mumble a variety of expletives. Big game. No, gigantic game.

A "W" tonight makes the Vikings the favorites in the NFC, which suddenly looks wide open. The two biggest threats going into the season, the hated Packers and the morally reprehensible Saints, both currently look like total crap. The only other team in the conference that really looks worth a damn is the Atlanta Falcons. Maybe the Vikings will get the chance to exact bloody playoff revenge on the Dirty Birds for the famously excruciating defeat of 1998. That would be glorious. Full circle for the Moss era. Man, that week 2 loss to the Dolphins seems like a long time ago.

I expect Moss to put on a Freak Show on the national stage. He'll put up something like 3 TD's and 150 yards, and he'll tell Darelle "Payday" Revis to sit on it. Classic 84. Favre will have so much fun that he'll forget all about SextGate. The defense will stick it to sulking-expert LaDainian Tomlinson for not signing with the Purple last spring. It's going to be an emotional Vikings win, 30-23.

No matter the score, this is a landmark Vikings game. It feels like the true start of the season. Not even a Viking loss tonight can dampen the excitement of The Freaquel (copyright: Common Man). Moss is back. And where there's Moss, there's hope.

Have a championship-caliber night, and a Freaktastic tomorrow!